The History of Bollards

The History of Bollards

In today’s society bollards play a huge part in how we are able to manage and control traffic. After all, it is hard to argue with a thick metal pole when it is blocking your path. From directing traffic on the roads to preventing vehicles from mounting the pavement and endangering pedestrians, we have benefited from the introduction of bollard for a long time. But how did it all begin? In order to understand the creation of bollards the team here at ABC Industrial are going to take a look at their history…

The development of bollards has changed with respect to society and the way we have adapted our means of transport. For example, the earliest known models of bollards were formed from timber and other kinds of wood however when our preferred method of transport went from horse drawn carriages to motorised vehicles, society realised that cast iron and other metals were more suitable materials in order to control this new and more dangerous traffic flow.

In fact in the 17th and 18th century old cannons would be re purposed in order to be used as a bollard on quaysides in order to moor the ships along. This was done by burying the cannon in the ground muzzle first and often these old cannons are discovered after many years.

Nowadays we tend to go about our daily business without even noticing the addition of bollards since they are so well integrated into society and we often forget how much of an impact it makes since it only take a second for a vehicle to mount a bollard-less pavement and potentially endanger dozens of pedestrians. From their humble beginnings as wooden logs to the more professionally crafted iron designs we see today, bollards have come a long way within their development.

Our speciality here at ABC Industrial may lay with roller shutters however our range of other products are just as exciting – including our bollards! Whether you want to control the flow of traffic or prevent cars from mounting the curb outside your establishment, bollards are the solution you have been looking for! For more information, speak to a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 10-10-2017