When it comes to your business, there are very few things that are more important than its security. There are so many different security measures out there today, that you might constantly find yourself grappling with the uncertainty of whether you are doing enough. Roller shutters are perhaps the most popular security measure out there, but the use of window grilles can add an extra dimension, which can prove vital in times of need.

We’re here at ABC Industrial to give you a quick rundown of the main benefits of installing window grilles at your property, and how they can contribute to the overall security of your business.

  • They Don’t Need Looking After

As the owner of a business or property, you’re already bound to be incredibly busy and the last thing you need is something that’s going to eat up a load more of your time. Well, window grilles are operated manually, and so there’s no risk of any complicated mechanisms going faulty. This means that there’s no need to bother calling out a professional for any repairs, and this can save you a lot of money in the long run- as well as a lot of valuable time.

  • They Look Good

You might not see a window grille as an attractive bit of kit, however they are far more aesthetically pleasing than other security measures. This is due to the fact that grilles are retractable, which ultimately means that you still have access to your window and can make your premises a comfortable place for your employees to work. When you compare this with how roller shitters shut off access to the window, window grilles allow you to avoid any risk of creating a claustrophobic effect. After all, there’s nothing more calming than a good amount of natural light.

  • Security

Perhaps the biggest benefit of window grilles is the increased security that they offer. A would-be-thief can be deterred by the sight of a grille blocking their access to your property, whether they’re placed on the inside or outside of your building. If they are placed on the inside, this means that a burglar would have to break glass before even getting to the barrier of the grille, and it is extremely unlikely that they would risk rousing such attention. Unlike other security measures, window grilles also allow you to keep an eye on what’s going on outside your property, which can prove to be a huge benefit for your security.

If you’re looking for window grilles or shutters in Manchester, no matter whether it’s a commercial or residential property, look no further than ABC Industrial Doors! Please contact our dedicated team for more information on the services that we provide, and we will be happy to provide you with some expert advice.

Posted: 21-09-2016