Roller Shutter Noises That Should Be Investigated

Roller Shutter Noises That Should Be Investigated

When it comes to the maintenance of industrial equipment like roller shutters, it is important that property owners are able to recognise when the expertise of an experienced engineer is required. After all, some of the signs can be subtle which means that a lack of routine servicing may allow problems to develop into a costly affair. Luckily, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and in this blog, the ABC team have decided to go over some of the unusual roller shutter noises that suggest a prompt investigation is required. Read on to find out more…

There are grinding noises when opening or closing

More often than not, a grinding noise coming from a roller shutter is the result of a lack of lubrication. After all, the moving parts require an oil in order to glide over one another as smoothly as possible and this means that grinding noises should be investigated promptly in order to prevent damage to the shutter itself. Luckily, this problem is often relatively easy to rectify when it is caught early.

The roller shutter is squeaking

Similarly, metal on metal contact due to a lack of lubrication can also cause sqeaking noises to develop. With this said, these noises are often incredibly high pitched and are uncomfortable for the range of human hearing, which is why they should be investigated as soon as possible. After all, leaving a shutter to weather away is only going to cause more problems down the line.

The roller shutter is sticking

Most shutters operate on a track regardless of whether they are manual or automatic and this track must be aligned in order to allow for a smooth operation. After all, a lack of alignment or damage to the mechanism can cause a jittering noise to occur. In fact, a shutter that is left in this state for a prolonged amount of time is more likely to completely fall apart and require an expensive repair job.

Since maintenance is considered a basic requirement when it comes to roller shutter ownership, it is vital that property owners are able to recognise when a problem is dire. After all, subtle noises like a squeak could turn out to be nothing or it may be a sign that the mechanical parts of the shutter are in serious distress. After all, roller shutters are complex mechanic pieces of equipment. To find out more information about the maintenance requirements involved, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!


Posted: 29-05-2019