Let’s Talk About Warehouse Fires

Let’s Talk About Warehouse Fires

One of the most devastating accidents that can occur within a warehouse is a fire; and here at ABC Industrial we know how easy it can be to put the necessary safety measures in place in order to prevent a fire engulfing a warehouse in the first place. In order to save any unwanted disasters and precious lives we have decided to dedicate this blog to everything you need to know about warehouse fires…

Did you know that the average warehouse fire costs just under 120 million pounds to correct and restore? It is safe to say that figure is so high that it should make every warehouse owner want to have fire safety equipment put into place immediately. In fact, there are five different causes of these fires that are known to be most troublesome including arson, electrical malfunctions, overheating, exposure and smoking.

Of course, the methods of preventing these things from causing a warehouse fire in the first place is the responsibility of the person in charge. After all, without the necessary fire safety measures in place an entire warehouse can be a ticking timebomb waiting for one of these things to start a fire.

By ensuring that all electrical equipment such as lighting fixtures and equipment are given regular maintenance checks people can be assured of the warehouse operating safely without the risk of a fire. In addition to this, there should also be strict rules in place that determine how far away workers have to be before they can light a cigarette as these can be extremely risky in certain environments. Although arson is not easily prevented, investing in industrial fire shutters could just be the best decision you will make.

This is because industrial fire shutters work in order to cut off the wrath of the fire from the rest of the warehouse in order to allow people inside extra time to evacuate the premises and since most warehouse fires are started intentionally through arson it could end up being a life or death situation where fire roller shutters are concerned.

In order to make sure that your warehouse is in the best shape possible it is important to take every precaution possible. After all, fire shutters offer one of the most promising lifelines in a dire and dangerous situation like a fire. Without one it is possible that warehouse fires could be lethal. In order to find out more information get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team today!

Posted: 21-11-2017