The importance of a planned maintenance contract

The importance of a planned maintenance contract

Business owners know that over the course of a year costs can add up. All business’ run up overheads that have to be balanced throughout the year alongside the budget. The last thing business owners want, especially small business’, is expensive damages caused by breakdowns. When equipment breaks down it can end up costing large amounts to repair or replace. This emphasises the importance of having a planned maintenance contract to ensure these types of breakdowns don’t happen.

Here at ABC Industrial we have been servicing sites annually from as little as £60.00, because we know the importance of protecting your customers, staff and yourself from potential injury.


Installing doors and roller shutters is a wise investment; when they are running smoothly we hardly notice them. If they are not regularly checked and serviced however, things can start to go wrong. Having a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers available to perform regular checks means that your roller shutters and doors will stay in the best condition for a larger period of time. After all, they are only a wise investment if they are looked after and maintained properly.


One of the serious problems with breakdowns regarding roller shutters and doors relates to time. A badly maintained roller shutter can break at any time. Dysfunctional shutters can cause business’ to be unable to open for hours, causing serious problems with customer flow. If customers can’t get in the door, they might think twice about trying again in the future.


It is now a legal requirement that all mechanical doors and shutters are inspected regularly. The responsibility however, falls to the business owner. So ensure all industrial doors and roller shutters are kept in good condition and checked by trained and qualified professionals.


Investigations into workplace accidents involving premises doors start with whether the doors have been serviced correctly. So make sure you are protected today, and help save yourself money in the long term. We provide full cover for roller shutters and Industrial doors at ABC Industrial at competitive prices.

Posted: 25-09-2017