How To Know Your Industrial Doors Need Repairing

How To Know Your Industrial Doors Need Repairing

For any bustling business, being secure is a priority. After all, if there is a security breach it may not only result in a massive pay-out for a company to rectify the mistake, but also a decline in sales. Most of the time, business owners will invest in industrial doors in order to prevent occurrences such as these yet it’s wise to recognise when these security measure could use a bit of TLC themselves in order to protect your building at the highest standard.

Physical Damage

As with most products, one of the most obvious signs that your industrial doors needs repairing is visible physical damage. Dents in the metal, splintered wood, and warped plastic are all clear signs that damage is present and repairs may be required. Physical damage like this may cause more severe issues with the operation of your doors as dents and protrusions may prevent smooth operation or even cause your door to jam altogether!

Rust and Rot

The majority of industrial doors are formed from two materials’ steel and UPVC however it is also possible to get wooden industrial doors too. With these, owners will need to pay closer attention as the wood is more susceptible to damage like decay. With steel industrial doors, regular oiling is required in order to avoid weathering ensure a smooth action, especially in the colder months. If your shutters present any signs of weather related damage, attend to the problem promptly by consulting an expert.

Unusual Noises

As you open or close your industrial doors, you should always be paying close attention to the noises that they make as any unusual squeaks, clicks or judders could suggest that your doors are in need of expert attention. This is particularly important for automatic doors as ones that are being temperamental may lead to the system failing if the issues is not address right away.

Are your industrial doors or roller shutters displaying some of these tell-tale signs? Get in contact with the team here at ABC Industrial and we’ll be happy to make a call out visit in order to inspect them!

Posted: 30-01-2023