Fire Curtains vs Fire Shutters

Fire Curtains vs Fire Shutters

The installation of both fire shutters and fire curtains can save hundreds of lives in the event of a fire on a property, warehouse or factory. With this said, many people are often torn between the two options and cannot decide which one would be best effective for their needs. In order to clear up any confusion, the team here at ABC Industrial have decided to go through each one once and for all…

Fire Curtains

A fire curtain is a piece of safety equipment that can be placed over a small fire in order to put it out and prevent it from spreading. Most of the time they are located inside kitchens or near flammable electronic goods. As the perfect way to shield and contain fires, a fire curtain can provide people with extra time to evacuate should a fire get out of control. In addition to this, they are also easy to store away and do not take up much room.

Fire Shutters

As an alternative to a regular roller shutter, a fire shutter is created with safety in mind and designed to withstand the impact of a fire for a specific amount of time. Using a fire resistant material, the shutters fight the effects of a fire for up to 30 minutes in order to give people time to escape the building. In fact, many fire shutters can be linked up to the alarm system so that they will immediately compartmentalise a building when the alarm is tripped in order to prevent a fire spreading.

When you are choosing between two products that offer similar results it is important to take every available factor into consideration and ignore outside influences. After all, just because a company down the street opted for fire curtains doesn’t mean they would be suitable for your business! If you are still struggling to decided between both options, get in contact with a member of the ABC team and we would be happy to go through fire shutters and fire curtains in further detail!

Posted: 21-02-2018