Doors have a whole range of different uses and they are one of the many things we probably take for granted. From keeping us safe to blocking out the cold, the benefits of your average door cannot be undermined, which is why we’re going to focus on one particular variation. Here are the different types of automatic doors…

Retrofit Swing Door

NHS hospitals are the type of building that will benefit from this type of automatic door due to its requirement for internal automatic services. The swinging fixtures will allow for speedy entrance and exit.

Telescopic Sliding Door

This linear type of automatic door opens with multiple doors side by side. The inner door in this design is connected to the outer door, meaning that it opens at double the speed due to deflection rollers. It is suited for narrow areas where rapid opening is required.

Folding Door

In areas that are not big enough to fit in the sliding variety, there is also the choice of a folding automatic door. You may find this design in restaurants where storage and space is limited.

Sliding Door

If you’re looking for aesthetics as well as practicality, the sliding automatic door is for you. It is smooth and comes with expert engineering which means that both doors operate in a synchronised manner.

Swing Door

Finally, we have the swing automatic door which can be used in a range of different areas due to its space saving design. In fact, they produce almost no sound at all which means they are perfect for quiet locations where silence is vital.

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Posted: 21-07-2017