Automatic Door Maintenance

Automatic Door Maintenance

Something that operates with a reliance on technology is going to need some kind of maintenance. After all, technology has a lifespan and without regular check-ups the processes that have been put in place will begin to fail after a while. Of course, this includes automatic doors!

Here at ABC Industrial, our range of products include an exciting array of industrial automatic doors perfect for a range of applications. In order to ensure they stay in tip top shape, we’ve dedicated this blog to the maintenance that must take place…


This is the be all and end all of your automatic doors as without regular servicing they will not be able to last as long as their guarantee. During these check-ups, the professionals look for signs of wear and tear, damage and other worrying aspects that may need to be addressed. Through this it is much easier to spot problems that can be easily fixed.

Minor Replacements

Once a problem has been found you may have to replace minor parts of the machinery and whilst this may be tiresome, it is much cheaper to replace these small parts compared to the whole door. In fact, you can actually keep the automatic door working for longer by doing this rather than ignoring minor problems until they become a big problem that cannot be blindsided.


Just like any other piece of machinery, a dirty and grimy automatic door will not operate very well which is why it should be regularly cleaned. In order to do this, you should ensure that the main power is off and simply wipe over the doors and sensors. At the same time however, we advise that you avoid the electronics area of the system since water can cause this to malfunction.

Having an automatic door installed can be one of the best decisions you will ever make however the investment only pays off when you are correctly looking after your purchase and in order to ensure you are prolonging the life of your automatic doors, you should be carrying out everything listed above! For more information about our range of industrial doors, speak to a member of the ABC team today!

Posted: 27-09-2017