Are Aluminium Doors Secure?

Are Aluminium Doors Secure?

When you’re considering doors for your property, security is one of the most crucial aspects. And with such a variety of materials available, picking the perfect one for your location is key. So if you’re asking if aluminium doors are secure, read on for our breakdown on this popular building material.

Aluminium is lighter than steel, but it is incredibly strong. When combined with an excellent locking system it is one of the best security options for a door material. If you are looking for the right door configuration, it is important to remember that the quality of the locks you have installed are as important as the material you choose for the door itself. At ABC all of the aluminium doors we supply and install can be provided with mag locks and entrance systems, ensuring that there is a locking system in place perfectly suited to your configuration. Our aluminium doors also come with a self closing option, which ensures that your doors are properly closed and therefore locked every time after they are used.

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Aluminium is also incredibly resistant to corrosion due to its chemical composition, which makes it a low maintenance and durable choice. The doors are very robust and are good choices for high volume entryways such as schools and shops. It is also easy to include side panels and provide double door configurations with aluminium doors.

For more information about the range of aluminium doors offered by ABC, click here. And if you have any further questions about the correct door material for your location, contact our team of experts who are always happy to help!

Posted: 10-03-2020