Due to the fact that they provide you with improved insulation, more effective security and a chance to improve the productivity of your workplace environment, it’s no wonder why roller shutters are growing in popularity by the day. By keeping potential vandals and burglars at bay, a set of roller shutters are an absolute-must for anyone that takes the security of their business seriously.

The real beauty of a high quality set of roller shutters lies in the fact that they will not prove detrimental to the aesthetics of your building. There’s nothing worse than installing a security measure and finding that the premises look the worst for it, but there is such a variety of roller shutters that you’re guaranteed to find something that looks good.

Here at ABC Doors, we are the experts when it comes to installing and repairing roller shutters, and we thought we’d put together a brief history on what makes them so impressive. After all, there’s a great story behind every remarkable invention, and it’s safe to say that roller shutters are certainly no exception.

  • 1st Century AD– the earliest record of the automatic door goes as far back as the 1st Century AD, where a Greek scholar by the name of Heron of Alexandria invented what is vastly regarded as the first automatic door. Of course, this was nothing like the roller shutters we now use, but the principle was the same.
  • 1970’s- It wasn’t until the 1970’s when the roller shutter was put to the uses we now associate it with, when it was introduced by companies such as Rolflex Nederland to replace their existing revolving door systems. As is the case today, the primary function of early roller shutters was to protect and secure large warehouse doors. Roller shutters provide an improved functionality, which will ultimately allow users to boost the productivity of their practises, as they can move machinery and stock around their warehouses easily.
  • 1980’s- Due to the energy crisis that ensued throughout the 1970’s, the demand for a new form of commercial door system increased dramatically. By the time the 80’s rolled around, businesses were clamouring for a set of roller shutters due to their efficient insulation properties and the possibility of saving money on their energy bill.
  • 2017- Roller shutters are now an integral part of a business’ security, and it would be foolish not to have any installed! If you want to keep your business premises safe and secure at the start of 2017, then a set of our shutters is absolutely essential.

Here at ABC, we provide the best shutters Manchester has to offer, and please get in touch with our dedicated team if you’d like any further info as to the services that we can provide!

Posted: 12-01-2017