3 Misconceptions About Fire Shutters

3 Misconceptions About Fire Shutters

Here at ABC Industrial, we believe that every industrial building should invest in high-quality fire shutters. After all, they work by compartmentalising a property in order to allow people to evacuate promptly and are considered the most effective safety tool on the market. Read on as the ABC team go over three common misconceptions that people tend to have about fire shutters…

Are fire shutters expensive?

Many property owners are surprised to discover that fire shutters look almost identical to a traditional roller shutter. With this said, they tend to cost a lot more due to their unique ability to withstand an active fire and this causes people to believe that they are an unnecessary expense. Luckily, a fire shutter can reduce the amount of damage that a fire inflicts which can save property owners a lot of money, making them a cost-effective investment for the future.

How much maintenance does a fire shutter require?

Like any other piece of industrial equipment, a fire shutter requires routine servicing from a licenced engineer in order to ensure that the components are fit for use as well as frequent inspections to find and locate any problematic areas that may require repairing. With this said, a well-maintained fire shutter should not inconvenience property owners and are considered a low-maintenance safety investment.

Do fire shutters improve the security of a building?

Although a fire shutter is designed with the wrath of a fire in mind, they are also able to offer security benefits too. After all, they are made from the same high-quality materials that a roller shutter is made from which means that an investment in a fire shutter will not only protect a property in the event of a fire, it can also prevent vandalism and burglary too.

Fire is thought to be the most difficult element to contain as it is very difficult to control and destroys everything in its path when effective safety measures are not put into place. A high-quality fire shutter can be connected to the alarm system and will spring into action when a fire alarm is activated. This gives people up to 30 minutes longer to evacuate and can also reduce the damage that is inflicted on a building. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team and ask about our range of fire shutters today!

Posted: 10-12-2019