10 amazing things a roller shutter will do for you and your business:

  • Create a Physical Barrier

Creating a physical barrier is a roller shutters primary reason for being installed, maintained, and repaired. When it stops working you are insecure, vulnerable, and unable to go home feeling safe. Roller shutters come in all security levels, I remember fitting a shutter on a newsagent in Salford many years ago, which we had made especially knowing of the risk level; a gang of youths watching us install it said they would come back and break in that night.

They didn’t get in ever again. After trying every night for two weeks they moved on, much to the customers delight.

  • Create a Thermal Barrier

Roller shutters can be installed with foam filled lath sections which create a thermal protection for working environments occupied by staff. You can also get them for your home to keep heat in at night or even on your garage to make your space cosy enough to use as hobby space or kids room. Available for domestic and industrial applications from 1000mm x 1000mm all the way up to 8000mm x 12000mm plus.

  • Act as a Blackout Blind

Continental roller shutters come differing levels of security, the lowest security rated can be used for many uses, one of which is a very effective sun blind. Available with remote control and very aesthetical, they can prove to be a fantastic addition to any contemporary or traditional home or office. Of course, these do also offer a moderate level of security as well.

  • Save you Money

Ever heard of false economy? Well not buying security roller shutters has to be number one on the false economy list. Even though you might think roller shutters are expensive, they will provide you with decades of loyal service, giving you peace of mind. And when the bad people cannot break in and take your stuff, they save you money.

  • Add Convenience to Your Life

Every day you use a roller shutter, even when you are not using it. You are using them to do a job for you. They are helping you in so many ways 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bringing it down half way so that customers do not come in at five to closing, remote control convenience as you drive up to your garage door. Or even remote access from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Make you Look Good

Roller shutters are sometimes accused of looking ugly and lower the areas overall appearance. That is true when councils allow this to happen and do not confront shop keepers doing things on the cheap.

But in reality, roller shutters can streamline the appearance of high streets, often being the main focal point on many regeneration projects. A uniform colour or height and width can create a very architectural feature to even the most higgledy piggledy of properties or areas.

  • Add Value to your Property

If a property has new or well-maintained roller shutters it can add tens of thousands of pounds onto the value of a commercial unit. It can often be the deciding factor of whether a prospective tenant chooses your building or the one across the road. Good access and security is something we interact with daily so it becomes a focus when decision making.

  • Increase Production

The old rusted and dropped folding shutter with exploded bottom track took 20 minutes to close each night. The old jamming roller shutter took 10 minutes to close every night.

A large well maintained warehouse roller shutter takes 1 minute to open by hand, but it takes 2 minutes getting off and on the stack truck. An electric roller shutter only takes 20 seconds, but it still takes 2 minutes getting off and on the fork lift. An automatic roller shutter takes 20 seconds from when you drive onto the ground loop. A rapid roll is open by the time you drive through the door. See my point that roller shutters can increase production, because your staff are happy to spend 20 minutes closing a door as long as they look busy, but are you happy?

  • Boost your Confidence

A roller shutter on your premises, or even 20 around the full perimeter will give you enough confidence to buy premises in a cheaper area potentially. We see customers very plush offices all the time in areas where you would not even leave your car at night. Businesses often need vast spaces to carry out their work, and square footage costs money, often leading people to buy warehousing in rough areas. That is where we come to your assistance.

  • Save your Life

There is no doubt that fire kills people, that is a very obvious statement to make. I just wanted to highlight that abc doors fire shutters stop fires spreading through school kitchens nationwide, warehouses nationwide, and even London office blocks housing thousands of staff.

Fire roller shutters save lives @ www.fireshutters.com

Posted: 22-02-2017